Willkommen auf der Website von "Tai Chi Chuan im Reuterkiez"!
Bald auch unter der Name "CLOUD HAND TAI CHI, BERLIN"

>>>>>>>>>>> TAI CHI DONNERSTAG 18:00 UHR - IM SCHLESISCHEN BUSCH. <<<<<<<<<<<<

>>> Free Qigong for Ukrainians: go to the menu heading "Trainingszeiten" and scroll down to "Fridays"

Hier findest du Informationen über das Tai Chi- und Qigong-Training in Neukölln und in Alt-Treptow und über den Trainer/Lehrer, Giles Rosbander. Einige VIDEOS sind unter "Trainer" zu finden. FÜR BESTEHENDE KURSE bzw. TRAININGSZEITEN, SOWIE ANSTEHENDE SEMINARE!!, siehe HIER und für weitere Infos auf den sonstigen Seiten: Links.

>>> Probestunden sind möglich und kostenlos: Bitte vorher anrufen oder mailen, um das genaue Ort vorher abzuklären. Vielleicht bis bald...


Welcome to the website of "Tai Chi Chuan im Reuterkiez"!
Soon also under the name "CLOUD HAND TAI CHI, BERLIN"

We train Tai Chi Chuan as a life art, a health resource and a martial art, and also Qigong in line with Tai Chi principles, in the Reuterkiez neighbourhood of Neukölln or in Alt-Treptow in Berlin, which is close to Kreuzberg, Treptow, Friedrichshain and Lichtenberg. In principle, partner work, pushing hands and martial application form an important part of the Tai Chi training, although not of the Qigong training. The courses are suitable for physically fit beginners and also for people with longer training experience in Tai Chi Chuan or in other martial arts. Trial lessons are now possible again. A Tai Chi Basics training runs on Wednesdays, 6pm to 8.15pm, and a Tai Chi course for people with previous experience on Thursdays 6pm to 8.00pm (with extra training until 9.30 pm). Also Qigong on the basis of Tai Chi Tuesdays at 9.30am to 11.15am, usually outdoors. (follow this link for Training Times). You can find a few VIDEOS under "Trainer" - actions speak louder than words... The rest of this website is currently in German, but I speak (and teach in) English as well, so you can email me or call me in English if you would like more information.

— -> By the way, this website is currently quite simple. The offered Tai Chi, however, is quite special... :-)